Our mission is to manufacture
top-quality synthetic turf,
that exceeds quality standards
A wide variety of products to
choose from, to design tailor-made
projects for your customers'
Safe for the environment,
heavy-metal free, pet-friendly
Synthetic turf has never been so good
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Planning a synthetic grass landscaping project?

Benefits of Becoming A Dealer

We strive to deliver the best synthetic grass product on the market
At All-Natural Syn Turf Inc., we pride ourselves with our commitment to quality and excellence. We believe our success starts with our top-quality products. We also hold our  Dealers and Distributors in the highest regard for expertise and the privileged relationship they have with consumers. We are fully dedicated to building a strong partnership with  Dealers and Distributors and to support them every step of the way.
With many years of experience in manufacturing top-quality synthetic grass, All-Natural Syn Turf Inc., offers a wide range of quality products. Our products are certified and committed to complying with the highest standards in the industry. Our synthetic grass products are all safe, heavy metal-free, pet-friendly, guaranteed to provide a safe environment for your customers.
All our products come with a 15-year manufacturer warranty and with a life expectancy of 20-25 years. We trust our dealers’ expertise to deliver the most quality products to their customers. We strive to provide support to our dealers by providing them with installation support and training, installation accessories, material calculator and other tools to assist our dealers.

What We Do?

We truly care about our customers. Our synthetic grass follows best-in class manufacturing processes and standards. It is chemical-free and safe for all.

Pet owners love synthetic grass. Our perforated backings and drainage system make it easy to maintain and keep clean. As soft and real-looking as natural

Synthetic grass is good for your water bill and the environment. You will reduce your water costs drastically. Synthetic grass has never been more green.

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